SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane County Commissioners said Thursday an estimated $9 million worth of damage has been done to roads due to wash outs and flooding.

County leaders declared a state of emergency Wednesday due to the damage to roads. This is the second emergency they have declared since February. Officials said this time around, saturated roads could be more costly.

County officials said they are working to go over the worst roads in the county. Many of the roads are missing part of a lane and are just disintegrating, according to officials. The warmer temperatures combined with rain are causing rivers and creeks to overflow and roads to crumble. County leaders said Latah Creek, southwest and northern areas have been impacted the most.

Officials said a lot of private property is also impacted.

List of roads engineers will be focusing on:

  • Blanchard Creek Road at Blanchard Road
  • Dunn Road between Day Mount Spokane and Day Road
  • Cornwall Road between Beyers and Yale Road
  • Latah Creek Road south of Valley Chapel Road (work needed immediately)
  • Greenwood Road west of Government Way (repair scheduled for March 20)
  • Ritchy Road/ Cameron Road at state Route 904