SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A Spokane Valley deputy was able to resuscitate a 2-year-old girl who had fallen into a decorative pond and was not breathing.

Deputies were called to a home on East 10th Avenue for a call for a child who had fallen into a decorative pond, was not breathing and the child’s father had begun CPR.

Deputy Samuel Turner arrived within three minute of the call and began caring for the child. Authorities said the girl was limp, not breathing and was turning blue.

"He's doing CPR on the baby and he's looking like he needs as much help as he can get. So I get in there and I tell him I'm gonna take over, I got this and I start CPR on the child," said Deputy Turner.

According to officials, Deputy Turner was able to expel water from the child’s mouth while doing chest compressions. Turner said he was concentrating on saving the little girl's life.

"I was thinking 'Lord help me save this baby girl. Don't let her die on my watch.' And then just my training kicked in, thinking about breathing, my timing, everything I could to go as long as I could," he explained.

They said the child started to breathe on her own while the deputy was transferring care to Spokane Valley Fire Personnel. Fire crews continued lifesaving efforts and eventually got a pulse.

"We're there to save people. We're there to serve people. I was close enough that I knew I was gonna be the first one there," said Deputy Turner.

The child was transported to a local hospital and was listed in serious condition as of Friday morning.

Officials said they learned the child was being supervised in the backyard but was left unattended for a couple minutes while the other children at the location were checked on. When the girl was found not breathing CPR was given immediately and 911 was called.