SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane had a bit of break from the wet weather Wednesday and that opened up some time for Spokane city street crews to fill some potholes.

Who can forget the destruction last winter caused on the roads? It prompted the city to begin looking at ways to better address trouble spots. They experimented with different types of mixes and redid some roads.

A spokesperson for the city said right now they have not yet changed up the mixed. They are heating the mix in their trucks in hopes for a better seal.

So far, the city is getting an average amount of pothole reports. It could be because we have seen less severe weather so far this winter compared to last year.

Also helping crews, is the thin overlay work done last spring on roads like Thor and Freya on the South Hill and Fourth Street near Lewis and Clark High School. The major repair work filled in small cracks on the roadways so less water would seep in pushing the pavement up and out of place.

With more snow and rain on the way, street crews are anticipating more potholes but are ready to continue to work on filling them.