SPOKANE, Wash. – All eyes will be on Spokane City Council Monday as members decide whether to appoint Craig Meidl as the new Police Chief.

On Friday, City Council President Ben Stuckart confirmed that he will be voting against Meidl's promotion to chief. Stuckart claims he was blindsided by the decision to appoint Meidl, a feeling echoed by other city council members as well.

"The department needs a chief who has the full support of the council and the mayor to be effective," said City Councilman Breean Beggs.

Unlike Stuckart, Councilman Breean Beggs has yet to say how he will vote in Monday's decision. While seemingly undecided, Beggs said he and his colleagues were taken by total surprise regarding Meidl's appointment.

"When you've invested so much time in a process and then suddenly leave it, it doesn't sit well with people," said Beggs.

Most members of city council are staying quiet about their possible decisions. While Stuckart plans to vote against Meidl, Mike Fagan plans to approve of the decision. Beggs insists he has no problem with Meidl personally. Instead, he said there should have been better communication about this critical appointment.

"The way our charter is set up, the mayor can do part of it. He gets to nominate, but the council has to confirm," said Beggs.

The vote will happen Monday evening.