SPOKANE, Wash. – A family from the Shadle area is searching for their missing dog.

Copper is a small Chihuahua mix dog that is a companion animal for 12-year-old Jordan, who has ADHD and Tourette syndrome.

The dog got out of their fenced yard near Maple and Glass on Thursday morning.

“He’s distraught,” said Stacey Sapier, Jordan’s mom. “Copper [usually] follows Jordan everywhere.”

Sapier said she has been posting flyers around the area, checking shelters, and posting on social media.

“Jordan counts on him a lot and he doesn’t have many friends,” she explained. “That’s his little guy. He’s lost without him.”

She said it was possible he was spotted up north, near the Hobby Lobby, sometime last week.

Sapier said she was offering at $200 reward for anyone who finds the dog.

Copper is a Chihuahua-Cairn Terrier mix, rust colored with a white chest, four years old, and about 10 lbs.