SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- Several hundred people gathered in Spokane Valley to rally and defend President Trump.

People from all over the Inland Northwest gathered to show their support the commander in chief. Those who rallied said they hoped to counter the resistance movement springing up throughout the country.

"We've seen horrible protest around the city and we want people to know that they shouldn't be doing it, we don't like the hate," said Trump supporter Louis Dimauro.

Gatherings like the Spirit of America Rally in Spokane Valley were held throughout the country on Saturday.

Many Trump supporters said that they have had a hard time finding people who accept their views.

“Being a college student I lost a lot of friends during this election, and to come here and see how many people are standing up for our President, and uniting, it's just amazing," said Dimauro.

“We're not trying to gloat that we won, we're just celebrating the fact that we are proud Americans and we are proud of our president,” said Spokane County GOP District Leader Monika Wachowiak.

The Spirit of America Rally was a peaceful gathering.