SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police said they have worked with neighbors in north Spokane to crack down on yet another nuisance home.

A neighbor named Kathy said the problems started shortly after she moved in two years ago.

"Our home was broken into. We'd stay up hearing things. We've been scared to walk down the street sometimes, bumping into people that were high leaving that house," she said.

Neighbors have called police more than 50 times in the last year. Calls range from noise complaints, burglary, suspicious people, stolen property, drugs and much more. This is only one problem house police have worked to shut down.

Police said they have shut down 11 nuisance homes since 2013. Three so far in 2016.

But, that number could be higher. They said help from the community and concerned neighbors has helped and is usually the only way authorities can take action.

After months of calls to police, Kathy and her neighbors were able to work with SPD to petition Spokane County's Superior Court. The judge immediately shut the house down.