SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police are investigating after a 6-month-old was apparently kidnapped. SPD said the mother of the baby and two other children had been lured to Spokane by Fern Littlecalf, 34.

Littlecalf has been booked into the Spokane County Jail for three counts of second degree kidnapping.

SPD said the two young children were left in the custody of an unrelated man, and then taken into protective custody with Child Protective Services on Friday. SPD said in a release they soon learned the six-month-old baby was missing.

The man told police a woman he had met on Facebook had taken the baby with her and he had not been able to contact her again.

SPD said there were two separate ruses going on set up by Littlecalf. The mother had met the suspect, more than a month ago, and SPD said Littlecalf was able to separate the mother from the children once they got to Spokane from the Tri Cities. The man involved helped transport the kids, believing he was taking the kids to be with family.

Police said they found Littlecalf with the baby.

SPD said their detectives worked with the FBI to bring swift resolution to the case, and warned residents to be cautious of people you meet online.