SPOKANE, Wash. --- This winter many people were frustrated with how the city handled their full city plows. Many took to social media voicing their concerns throughout the winter.

Marlene Feist, a spokesperson with the city, said they heard the concerns. She said they took the biggest complaints and used them in a survey.

“It's just really a prioritization, so these are the things that we heard most frequently, so tell us what's important to you,” said Feist.

The city rolled out the survey and in less than 24 hours they had gotten 500 survey responses. Some who took the survey were skeptical their feedback would matter. One woman commented on the KREM 2 Facebook page saying she took the survey but still “had zero faith the city will fix the problem”.

Feist said the survey response will play a big role in improving their snow removal plan.

“We have been charged as city staff members to find out what is important to citizens, and work on changes that will address the most important needs. Does that mean everything will get addressed probably not, but that's why it's so important to tell us what's important to you,” said Feist.

She said they will use the information to guide them when it comes to what issues to address.

Another woman commented on the KREM 2 Facebook. She said the survey was a bit confusing.

The survey has a list of issues, and it’s asking survey-takers to rate how important that issue is to them. The survey has the option from one to five stars. One star being the most important, five stars being least important.

Feist said community feedback is just one part of their plan to address snow removal concerns. She said they have been looking at staffing and equipment. Also city staff has been reaching out to other cities.

KREM 2 on Your Side investigation found some cities similar in size to Spokane can do a full city plow in less than 24 hours. So far city staff has reached out to Coeur d'Alene, Fairchild Air Force Base and the Spokane Airport to find out about their snow removal plans. There's no word on which other cities they plan on contacting.

You can do the survey online and it'll be up for the next two weeks. The results of the survey will be given to city council at their May council meeting.