SPOKANE, Wash --- Skyfest is back after a three-year hiatus and people are excited about their chance to see the flying and earth-bound performances.

After a brief break, Skyfest is back and as good as ever. Saturday’s action was full of fun.

“It’s amazing, I’m glad we get the opportunity like this to do something like this,” said spectator, Jessica Ludlam.

Her daughter thought it was fun to be there too.

“I’ve never seen airplanes up close and that thing that went by was really really loud…it was really exciting,” said Jessica’s daughter, Lacey Ludlam.

The noise took some getting used to for little Lacey during her family’s first Skyfest. What made it even more special is that Lacey’s dad, Travis Ludlam, has done contract work on the base before.

“It’s neat for all the stuff that I’ve got to see and to show them and to be able to bring them on base and show them the stuff I’ve seen before,” said Travis.

Stefon Bailey also got a chance to show people where he works.

“It’s nice to show people what we do and it’s nice to see what we do come together and see and get to appreciate it all. It’s just a cool and awesome feeling,” said Bailey.

“Stefon works with planes but I don’t so it’s nice to be able to see everything up close and meet all the men and women that make all this stuff run,” said Michaela Green.

It is a unique experience thousands of people will get to share this weekend. They get an inside look at military planes, enjoy an air show and much more.