SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police are still searching for the student who showed a gun to another student at the Shadle Park Public Library before school.

Spokane Police officials said while there was no threat made with that gun, the incident was taken very seriously.

Spokane Public Schools staff are commending the student who saw the gun and came forward right away. Because it was reported so quickly, staff were able to get the school in lockdown within minutes and notify police. Thanks to the quick actions of that student, the doors at Shadle Park High School were locked and police were notified almost immediately.

"All indications are this was a student with a handgun and we have no idea what they were going to be doing with it," said Spokane Public Schools Spokesperson Kevin Morrison.

Even though the student did not know why the other student had the gun, they did the right thing by coming forward.

"In this particular case, we applaud the student for doing the right thing at the right time, to get that student help, regardless of what their intention was a handgun out in the public with a student is not a safe thing," Morrison said.

Staff are encouraging students to come forward when they see or hear something that is not right.

After the shooting at Freeman High School, Spokane Public Schools officials said they have pushed even harder to make sure students know they can call, text or email staff any time to report something. Students can even remain anonymous.

In Monday’s incident, police started searching the area right away but still have not been able to find the student who was said to have the gun.