SPOKANE, Wash. --- A Spokane man is angry after he took a pregnant stray cat to Spokane County Animal Protective Services and staff aborted the cat’s kittens.

Jim, who did not wish to be further identified, said he found the gray cat roaming his neighborhood. He saw it was pregnant, and wanted to help it find a home.

He brought the cat to SCRAPS.

"They told me that the procedure for this is if I brought the cat down they would find it a foster home,” Jim told KREM 2. “And the cat would be allowed to have its kittens and it would be able to nurse them."

But that wasn't the case. Jim said a few days after dropping the cat off, he was told the pregnancy was terminated.

“I was very alarmed that they had told me one thing and done another,” he said.

“You know, I feel very badly there was a miscommunication,” said Janet Dixon, the SCRAPS special program manager. “At the time that he called, it probably was planned that the kitty would give birth here.”

Dixon said staff members were hopeful they would be able to do what they told Jim.

“A very last resort would be to do this pregnancy spay,” she said. Dixon said they were not able to find a foster home to keep the cat through her pregnancy. Dixon explained the cat is also sick and the medication would have harmed her babies.

“It was not done without a lot of thinking, it is not done without a heavy heart,” Dixon said. “This is not something that we casually do here.”

In fact, Dixon said it is rare to have to abort kittens, but at times they do not have the resources and volunteers to care for every pet that comes in.

SCRAPS has about 10,000 animals come through the facility each year. Dixon said what they really need are foster homes, donations and for people to spay and neuter their pets.

This weekend, SCRAPS is hosting a training session for foster families. They are also doing adoptions for animals who were recently taken out of a hoarding situation.

A training session will be Saturday at 10 am at SCRAPS.