SPOKANE, Wash. -- Students at Spokane Community College are remembering a former professor who was murdered on Saturday.

Jade Bost was killed over the weekend. Police call this case a horrifying example of domestic violence.

By all accounts Jade Bost was hard to please in the classroom. The long-time professor had very high standards for anyone taking her courses. An unwavering strictness that benefited nursing students like Wendy Hinshaw.

"I learned a ton from her. Anatomy and physiology is a very tough course but she was strict but good," Hinshaw said.

Jade worked at SCC for more than 15 years before retiring last summer.

This past weekend, her retirement and life was suddenly cut short. Authorities believe Jade's husband, William, stabbed her to death with a butcher knife. According to court documents, blood was found all over the home and clumps of Jade's hair was found near her body. Police believe she died during a domestic violence incident.

"You don't expect a strong, educated woman to be a victim of that. It shows that domestic violence is everywhere," Hinshaw explained.

Authorities arrested William after a bizarre encounter. During an unrelated traffic incident, William is believed to have accidentally crashed his car into a deputy's vehicle. When authorities confronted him, court documents describe a strange interaction with William blurting out that his wife was dead and blamed it on their dog saying, "She's dead. Isabelle didn't mean to do it. The dog didn't mean to do it." Authorities then went to William's house where they found Jade dead inside.

William has been in trouble with the law before. He has two prior convictions felony convictions for robbery and eluding police.

He is now charged with second degree murder. Police said they also found several guns in the home. As a result, authorities are also hoping to eventually charge him with unlawful possession of a firearm.