SPOKANE, Wash. --- Construction downtown has been plaguing businesses, but city officials said the end is in sight.

Mayor David Condon said this was the biggest year for construction projects in Spokane during a press conference Monday.

There are 43 construction projects, totaling $74 million.

Some of the projects are still not done, meaning it will be a race against the weather to finish the projects.

The reason the construction is not over, is because there is a lot more going on than just paving the roads.

“This is one of those ways which is to really build on our infrastructure, the integrated strategy, of really building out all of our utilities at the same time as our street service is paying us dividends,” said Condon.

He said construction crews also have to deal with things like wiring and other elements that people do not always think about.

City officials said they are bringing in extra crews to get the job done before winter hits.

“Yes, we have been bringing some extra crews in obviously the weather window is putting us into crunch time here, so we are seeing some extra shifts, in fact you'll see some early morning paving at the end of this week,” said Kyle Twohig, the engineering operations manager for the City of Spokane.

The construction on Wall Street is expected to be done mid-October.

The section of the Lincoln Monroe project from 2nd to 8th Avenue is expected to be finished by Oct. 22.

The section of Lincoln and Monroe from 2nd to Main Avenue will only be partially done before winter hits.

“For the most part the rest of our projects aren't facing quite as tough of a circumstance, we'll be pushing it close on 37th, but other than that, I think we're fairly confident we'll have our asphalt down,” said Twohig.

The city said they are going to law down a base level of asphalt so the road can be open for the winter.

However, when next spring rolls around, the city will need to lay down the final layer of pavement.

The city said it is not unusual to wait to finish laying down the asphalt until after the winter is over.

For the most part, people should not notice a difference in the roads, other than a little lip along the gutter.

The city said that the ramps on the sidewalk will be finished before winter hits.