SPOKANE, Wash.— Riverside High School students prepared for their big night at the First Night Spokane Art Festival.

This will be the first year the Ironclad Art competition is part of First Night Spokane.

The idea came up as the need for professional welders continued to grow.

Riverside High school student Zane Ramsden and his two shop partners said they had some interesting materials used in their art project.

The students pulled apart old transmissions last year to get the gears they were using for their welding project.

"We kind of just went for it, no plans really, we kind of just grabbed a bunch of gears, lined them up and started welding,” said Ramsden.

Students competing will also get the chance to leave with impressive prizes. That includes a $400 welding helmet from the Oxarc Welding School. The students who win, will not only get a $15,000 scholarship to Oxarc School of Welding , but will also win $500 for their school.