SPOKANE, Wash --- A group of high school students interested in careers in architecture and engineering got a closer look at construction in Riverfront Park Wednesday.

“I’m interested in architecture, so it’s kind of cool to see it in process,” said future Lewis and Clark High School freshman, Tatum Getchell.

The students got suited up in vests and hard hats to walk through the construction zone with Riverfront Park redevelopment program manager Berry Ellison.

“This is the beginning of the Howard Street promenade that will go all the way through the park across the mid channel bridge also known as the blue bridge and the north channel bridge,” said Ellison.

The new ice ribbon was a big item of interest. Ellison said it is a refrigerated slab that will make ice and keep it cold when it’s 50 degrees or colder outside.

“I like how the ice rink is gonna be. I’m very excited about that because I enjoy ice skating a lot,” said Getchell.

On a hot day like today, it is hard to picture ice skaters especially since the heat makes things tough on construction workers.

“Challenging that’s for sure, we have to hydrate our folks and working in this heat what’s really difficult is they’re working with concrete too and so it’s not just being out in the heat, but they’re lifting and pushing,” said Ellison.

Ellison also said they are mostly on schedule for this construction project.

“Construction has always been, like for the recreation rink and the skyride facility has always been targeted for the Fall of 2017, we will hit that target for sure, probably late fall we’re hitting that target,” said Ellison.

The finish date of the Looff Carousel may be pushed back a little though due to unforeseen conditions.

“We’ve been aggressive in some of our dates, like the Looff Carousel opening by Valentine’s Day of 2018. That might be a little difficult because we’ve hit into a tremendous amount of rock and poor soils on that side, that’s slowed us down,” said Ellison.

When it is all finished these students are excited to come back and visit again.

“I think it’s going to be very fun and very different and will provide more opportunities down,” said Getchell.

This is a big project that is going to cost a pretty penny.

“The overall project cost for the entire thing including design tax, contingency and so on is about $10 million,” said Ellison.