SPOKANE, Wash.—Hundreds of people weighed in on the latest controversy in the Riverfront Park Renovations on the KREM 2 Facebook page.

The main concerns were money and designs for the proposed theme of four possible center pieces in the park.

A majority of people said they would rather see the city spend money on other things like improving the roads.

City officials said the money being spent on the park renovations was part of a bond passed by voters. The bond money has to be spent on the park and can’t be used on other things.

Officials with the city said the budget for the art plan was $500,000 and if the project costs more than that, Spokane Arts could assist in fundraising efforts. The city officials said that means no tax dollars will be spent on the project.

The other big concern was the design selections of the pieces.

A common criticism that was expressed was that the contemporary feel of those pieces did not fit with the spirit of Spokane.

Vandalism was also a concern for many people. The city said that graffiti and vandalism are an unfortunate reality, but planned on using materials that are easy to clean and repair.

People can weigh in to the city with their thoughts on the city’s website.