SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Fire and Spokane Police responded to a water rescue near Kendall Yards Tuesday afternoon.

A person eating lunch in the area said they heard a man yelling for help. When SFD responded, they found a man sitting in a tree over the river.

SFD said, though the man was yelling for help, he refused to get out of the tree. Officers said the 31-year-old man was in his underwear and not making a whole lot of sense. He gave them several different stories about why he was in the tree and they are still trying to figure out what he was doing there.

Rescue crews responded with fire trucks and boats in the case the man fell into the water.

Crews ultimately retrieved the man from the tree. As crews strapped him to the stretcher, he was yelling profanities.

Officials have not identified the man. The man’s condition is unknown at this point. He could now be facing an infraction for swimming in the river.

The incident also closed a portion of the Centennial Trail for some time and many people out for a walk or a run were noticeably frustrated. Police said they have had several contacts with the man in the past.

Although the incident did take up a lot of resources and time crews are thankful they were able to keep him out of the river and get him the help he needs.