SPOKANE, Wash. --- A local refugee family is reeling after someone vandalized their garage with the words “get out.”

“My neighbor called me Friday and told me someone had painted on the garage,” explained Wilmot Morgan. “I just assumed he was trying to pull my leg, and he was like ‘No, it’s no joke man; I’m serious.’”

Morgan, who has lived on the South Hill near Target since 2015, said when he got home he saw the graffiti.

“I was so stung and disappointed,” he said. “Everybody can’t be the same. I’ve met a lot of good people at my work and church.”

Morgan said his church and neighbors have been supportive after the incident.

“It’s a nice neighborhood. We haven’t had a problem like that before,” he said. “My neighbors, we always joke we have fun together. They’re all disappointed too.”

Morgan has been in the U.S. since 2004 as a refugee from his home country of Liberia. His wife, Elizabeth Monger, is also from Liberia but is a U.S. citizen.

Morgan said he has four children, the youngest of which was born in California.

“I’m just concerned about this not happening to anybody else,” he said. “My family should be safe, that’s all I want.”

The family's reverend, Bill Osborne, said the church plans to help Morgan paint over the graffiti as quickly as possible.

The Spokane Interfaith Council also issued a statement about the crime.

"We are horrified by this action, which goes against everything for which our community stands," wrote Skyler Oberst. "It is completely contrary to our core values, both as a Compassionate City and as people of faith."

KREM 2 has reached out to Spokane Police Department to see if the crime is being investigated as a hate crime, but have not yet heard back. This story will be updated when we get a response.