SPOKANE, Wash. -- Racist and anti-Semitic signs were posted at the Community Building and the Spokane County Democrats office.

NAACP President Phillip Tyler sent out a response to the posts on Thursday afternoon.

“This is a direct affront to the very work these organizations do. This is meant to instill fear...this is domestic terrorism,” he wrote.

Tyler said the Community Building on West Main also houses NAACP meetings, the Center for Justice and the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane.

An official from the Spokane County Democratic office said the signs were spotted around noon when someone came into their office to buy tickets to the Tom Foley dinner fundraiser. The official said they have contacted police.

At a press conference, Tyler said acts like this are becoming the new normal and the signs are meant to divide the community. He said this is meant to bring fear and intimidation to our city. He said this isn't about about Republicans and Democrats, it's about the people of Spokane.

"Spokane. If can collectively come together and defend against an article in the guardian you can become a guardian.A guardian of the good and decent people in this community," Tyler said.

Tyler also called on the Spokane County Sheriff, Spokane Police, and terrorism task forces to investigate this fully.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich also spoke out about the incident. He said this has sadly become a yearly occurrence. The Sheriff explained this has happened every year since 2014 and no one should ever have to deal with this.

"No one in this nation should ever feel this type of fear. Not in 2017. Let's break the cycle," said Knezovich.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers also sent out a response to the signs on Thursday afternoon.

“I am disturbed and profoundly disappointed that a person or group is spreading racist messages throughout Spokane. This is not who we are, and the individuals involved do not speak for us. Spokane is an accepting, inviting place to call home, with so many wonderful people who live here. We must continue to stand up and speak out against these acts. Hatred and fear have no place in our community,” the congresswoman wrote in a statement.