SPOKANE, Wash. – Clients continued to show up to the Positive Changes location in Spokane Wednesday after it temporarily closed.

Three locations in Washington and Oregon have closed temporarily. KREM 2 went to the Positive Changes location on Francis Wednesday and there were three clients in the parking lot trying to figure out why the center was closed. All three said they received no notification that their appointments had been cancelled.

As of Wednesday, no one from Positive Changes had returned KREM 2’s calls. We reached out to the corporate offices, the main number for the Spokane office and the Spokane appointment line and all three went to voicemail. However, the corporate office had updated its answering machine.

“If you have questions regarding our Spokane, Beaverton, Boise or Bellevue locations, please leave a message and your information and we'll get back to you,” said the voicemail greeting.

This recording was not on the answering machine on Tuesday. KREM 2’s sister station in Portland, reached out to corporate in the mid-west and received statement from spokesperson Kathy Silverstein that reads: "All we know is we found out on Friday they were closed. They said they would be closed the week after Easter. We haven't been able to get anything else from them. We can't figure it out, we're in the dark.”

KREM 2’s Portland sister station also reached out to the Attorney General of Washington and Oregon to find out if either are investigating the business. Both offices confirmed they do not have an open investigation on the business.

As for the clients KREM 2 spoke with on Wednesday, one woman told me she called her credit card company to block any further charges from Positive Changes. Another client who asked to remain anonymous traveled more than an hour from Cataldo, Idaho for her appointment and is not happy she was not notified of the closure.

"I want my money back. $3,000 is a lot of money. If they're not going to fulfill their obligation with their contract, then I want my money back,” the woman said.

KREM 2 wants to remain transparent and let you know Positive Changes is an advertising client of ours. We will keep trying to reach the company for answers and let you know what we find out.