SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Shoshone County Prosecutor's Office declined to file charges against former Ferris High School Football Coach Jim Sharkey.

Sharkey was accused of exposing himself to his players at a football camp in Shoshone County back in 2016 and allowing hazing on his team.

The Shoshone County Prosecutor’s Office declined to file criminal charges against Sharkey, but the Spokane Public Schools investigation is still ongoing, school officials confirmed Wednesday.

Kevin Morrison, from SPS, said Sharkey remains on administrative leave. He said there are policies and procedures in place for supervision that are continually reviewed by administration.

SPS released more than 200 pages related to the investigation from the Spokane Public School District in May. In those documents, several students said they heard about it, three said they saw it and others did not know anything about it.

For his part, Sharkey has denied the majority of the accusations throughout the investigations, include the hazing and exposure allegations.