SPOKANE, Wash. – The Positive Changes branch in Spokane has temporarily closed its doors.

A sign on the door of the hypnosis treatment business says the office on Francis in North Spokane is closed in observance of Easter but a long term employee said they were told the office is closed for good.

Clients weren't notified and KREM 2 talked to at least two people who showed up expecting to have appointments Tuesday and were shocked to find the office closed.

"No notice at all. I drove over from Idaho, I mean this is a trip for me a day that I spend driving over here the sessions and then driving home," said one client.

"So much for being successful and so much for being positive," said another client.

KREM 2 was there when two women showed up for appointments at Positive Changes. Both asked to not show their faces or use their names. Each said they received a text message confirming their appointments, so they were frustrated to see this sign on the door saying the office is closed in observance of Easter.

"But why didn't they even tell us if they were going to be closed for Easter and for those ten days? Why weren't we notified of that?" said one of the women.

"They'd already confirmed my appointment for today via text and so I thought they were open," said the other.

After multiple viewers reached out to KREM 2 with concerns, we were able to track down a longer term employee of the company. The employee asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation but said the office isn't just closed for Easter it's closed for good.

The employee said, "We were told last Thursday that it was very sad and they had tried to do everything they could do, but all four centers were closing their doors. That was our center (in Spokane), the one in Bellevue, Beaverton, and Boise. All four centers."

The sign on the door at the Spokane office, in addition to saying the office is closed for Good Friday, it also says the office will be closed through next week.

The long term employee said Positive Changes has never closed for Easter in the past. They also explained that other employees were told there was a chance the office might be able to be open again in a couple of weeks. Conflicting stories were circulating in the office but the employee said they were told Thursday was the last day they would be open. The employee also said they have received their final paycheck. If it were business as usual, they wouldn't be paid until the April 25.

KREM 2 called the appointment line for the Spokane office, the main number for the Spokane office and the number for the corporate offices and all three went to voicemail. We left a message on all three and haven't heard back. KREM 2 also tried to obtain contact information for the CEO of Positive Changes Spokane through other sources but was unsuccessful.

KREM 2 did some digging online and when you click on the link for the Spokane Positive Changes website it no longer works and says, "This site can't be reached." That's also what happened when we clicked on the links for both the Twitter and Facebook pages for Positive Changes, both no longer exist. If you check the corporate website for Positive Changes, the hours for Spokane, Bellevue, Beaverton and Boise are no longer listed.

Both women KREM 2 spoke with Tuesday said they have future appointments booked that they have already paid for. If the company doesn't honor those appointments or refund the money, one woman said she's out $800 and the other is out more than $1,000.

"I'm very frustrated, I feel bad for the employees as well because they're really good people, but whoever is in charge of it should've done a better thing then all of the sudden shutting down and saying sorry," said one client.

"If they knew they were in trouble, why didn't they just talk to us about it and say, ‘Look we might have to shut down for a while, this is what we're going to look at, we can't make any guarantees,’ and I'm guessing, it's because they don't want us to have our money back," said the other client.

As for what will happen to clients the long term employee KREM 2 spoke with said, "I was told because of legalities with the franchise that we would have to take care of clients, whether it be a virtual program or something, we wanted to be able to do something for the clients, but I wasn't told anything beyond that."

"My level of frustration is beyond frustration, and it's at the point of anger because it's not just the money, it's the idea that they didn't have enough respect for us as clients to reach out to us and let us know what was going on," said the client.

KREM 2 will continue to reach out to the company and let you know what happens. We also want to be transparent about the fact that Positive Changes is an advertising client of KREM 2.