SPOKANE, Wash. -- The historic Garland Theater in Spokane is opening its theater doors to an adult film festival this weekend. The touring festival was created and planned by Dan Savage, a Seattle author, media pundit, and LGBT activist. According to the festival website, ‘HUMP’ is a collection of 22 adult movies, all less than five minutes in length, which will play October 6-7.

The purpose of the event is to change the way America sees, makes, and shares porn, according to Savage. Savage is known for making controversial political statements and for his opposition of anti-LGBT politicians.

However, some Spokane residents say they are angry to see the festival come to the family-friendly Garland Theater. A “Boycott the Garland Theater” page was created on Facebook. Others have taken to the Garland Theater Facebook page to express their excitement about the event. The theater itself is advertising the show and has even raffled off free tickets for this weekend.

In a brief conversation with KREM 2 News on Friday morning, Garland Theater owner Katherine Fritchie said, “We were not comfortable [hosting the festival], but have come around to it.”

Tickets to the festival are $20 in advance, or $25 at the door. ‘HUMP’ will be making other stops in Seattle and Olympia, as well as Portland.

"There was hesitance because it's more of a taboo subject so we didn't want to offend anyone. But at the same time, I feel like Spokane is a growing city and this has been going on in Portland and Seattle and New York for the last fourteen years so we felt like maybe Spokane was ready for it," Fritchie said.

The lineup for Friday at the Garland included the kids movie “Despicable Me” and the latest installment of “Planet of the Apes” followed by Savage’s “HUMP”.