SPOKANE, Wash. – Testimony continued Wednesday in day two of the Edward Bushnell trial.

Bushnell is charged with murder for killing a man back in 2015 near 5th and Altamont after intervening in a domestic violence situation.

Several law enforcement officers who responded to the scene took the stand. All of the officers who spoke said Bushnell was calm and cooperative with law enforcement after the shooting. In court photos were shown of a large bloody gash under Bushnell's eye he got from the confrontation with William Poindexter, the man who he saw assaulting his girlfriend.

"She stated and I quote, and again I'm referring from my second paragraph of my report, "Pick on a man your own size, not a woman" is what she repeated to me a couple of times,” said Spokane Police Officer Dean Draper.

Photos of bruises on Poindexter's girlfriend were also shown in court. On Tuesday, she said she remembered Poindexter slamming her head against a fence. There was also discussion in court Wednesday about whether or not Poindexter hit Bushnell with a small wooden bat he was carrying during the confrontation.

"There was a bat thrown and then a few seconds later there were gunshots," said Defense Attorney Robert Cossey.

Spokane County Medical Examiner Dr. John Howard took the stand as well. He testified that Poindexter died from two gunshot wounds to the back.

The trial will continue Thursday morning.

KREM 2’s Lindsay Nadrich live-tweeted the courtroom proceedings. You can see the full recount below, or by clicking here.