SPOKANE, Wash. -- Developers are making progress on what could be the new place to be in Downtown Spokane.

On the corner of Riverside and Wall Street, the Umpqua Bank building is transforming into the "Spokane Central Market." The main floor will be renovated into a food hall with about 14 places to eat, while the upper floors will remain office spaces.

Project leaders expect to begin construction for the Spokane Central Market this spring and open for business in the summer.

Predevelopment documents filed with the city say construction will be done in two phases. The first is to demolish the first floor's former bank space, and the second phase will focus on renovating the building's exterior.

Lead architect Luke Grimsrud with Uptic Studios said the latest floor plans are preliminary, but still give a good idea of what to expect in this new hub for foodies.

Developers plan to include two commissary kitchen and new restrooms. They also hope to bring an array of businesses including a donut shop, Taqueria, coffee vendor, a burger joint and "The Vault" Lounge.

According to Grimsrud, developers want to model the Spokane Central Market after Pine Street Market in Portland. This food hall opened in April 2016 after renovations at a historical horse and carriage station building.

Project leaders want to create something like Portland's Pine Street Market by also bringing local vendors into the food hall.

Developers are still in the planning stages and have not confirmed a selection of businesses just yet, but hope to have a better idea in the next month.