CHENEY, Wash. – Cheney Police are investigating an attack that happened on Oct. 7 at The Grove Apartment Complex at 240 S. Spangle Road in Cheney

Officials said John Mellgren was arrested for attempted first degree murder for the attack that happened at The Grove.

The victim of the assault has serious head injuries. Authorities said the victim was hit several times with a baseball bat.

Court documents said when police arrived at the scene, the victim was lying on the ground next to the west gate entrance. He had multiple blunt-trauma injuries, ranging from his knees to his head.

Two witnesses at The Grove Apartment Complex said they saw three people chasing another person around with a bat.

When the witnesses turned around, they saw the victim lying on the ground near the front gate of the apartment entrance.

They said the three males walked away, holding a metal orange and silver bat.

The two witnesses asked the victim what happened. The victim said it was because he broke out their back window.

Another witness said she was inside her Grove apartment when she heard knocking at her door.

She looked through the peephole to see a male she had never seen before.

The man said he needed help. The witness did not open the door but saw the man run away.

When she opened the door, there was blood all over the outside of the door and ground.

The victim’s roommate, told police he did not know who attacked the victim.

Another witness who was driving into the apartment complex said she saw four men running towards the front gate.

She said she could hear the sound of the bat hitting the victim.

Students and staff at the school said they received a notification about the arrest and that police were searching for two other suspects. School leaders said Mellgren is not a student at EWU.

The Grove Apartment Complex said they are working with the local police.

“As of this time, there is an ongoing investigation of an incident that occurred on or around our property this past weekend. We are working with the local police department to provide any information they request. For detailed information, we ask that you contact the local police department,” said Melinda Brake, regional supervisor of the apartment complex.

A Judge set Mellgren’s bond at $1 million at a Friday hearing.