SPOKANE, Wash. – There is quite a bit of ice on walkways and roadways around the Inland Northwest, making for a slippery situation.

Spokane city crews continued Monday to keep main roads and bridges clear of ice. Crews have been out throughout the day with sanders and deicers on arterials while paying special attention to hills, bridges, and major intersections.

Citizens, meanwhile, were doing their best to walk around town without wiping out. Baylie Bejarano and Heather Henderson were visiting Spokane from California. They were still getting used to walking around in below-freezing temperatures.

“Just trying to find dry ground to walk on so we are not slipping,” Baylie Bejarano said, “It’s so slippery you can’t even tell when it’s ice, it looks like water, so you walk on it and you’re a little wobbly. Luckily nothing is too bad.”

Jeff Helm and his family’s stroll over to the ice ribbon came with a few challenges due to the frozen walkways, “We’re watching out steps,” Helm said.