SPOKANE, Wash. – Children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital ate unlimited pancakes with Santa, created holiday crafts, and spent Saturday morning just being a kid. The pancake breakfast with Santa was one of many fundraisers students at Gonzaga University hosted in partnership with Children’s Miracle Network.

It’s a day to be normal, especially for kids like Izabelle Carvalho, 12, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer four years ago, “it takes my mind off of it so I don’t feel different than others,” Carvalho said.

Chasity Clarkson’s daughter has been in and out of the hospital since she was born. These events give her family support and let her know she is not alone, “making sure we don’t get wrapped up in the medical side of things is important,” Clarkson said.

The money raised goes to Gonzaga University’s ultimate goal of raising $170,000 at their Dance Marathon in spring. Students will dance for children who deserve the chance to show off their moves.