SPOKANE, Wash.—Spokane drivers: before you plug into a meter, check the time stay limit.

Starting November 1, Parking Enforcement officers will give a $10 ticket to people who feed the meter past its listed time stay and $30 tickets to drivers who stay parked at the meters over the allotted time stay.

The city of Spokane estimated that about 10,000 vehicles go downtown to park every day, but there are only 3,000 on-street parking stalls.

City officials said following the time stays on the meters was the city’s effort to increase parking turn over.

Authorities with the city shared a few tips to help drivers avoid getting ticketed.

  • Obey meter timestays; do not stay longer than the time listed on the meter.
  • If your meter runs out move your vehicle to another block face instead of feeding/plugging the meter
  • If your downtown stay will exceed the meter timestay, choose a meter with a longer timestay, a parking lot, or a parking garage. All of these options are available within walking distance of the downtown core.
  • Parking timestays only apply between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  • Park at a meter spot after 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday for free.
  • Park downtown for free on Sundays and select holidays.
  • Download the Passport Parking App for an easy and convenient meter payment option.
  • If you frequently visit downtown Spokane, look into buying a STA bus pass.