SPOKANE, Wash. --- After a norovirus outbreak, parents at Wilson Elementary are complaining they were not properly notified.

The Spokane Regional Health District told KREM 2 they began investigating the outbreak last Thursday, but Wilson Elementary parents were not told about it until Friday.

Spokane Public Schools officials said their policy of notifying parents of outbreaks depends on the situation.

In the case of last week’s outbreak, the school district sent out an email to parents Friday afternoon, and the principal sent an automated voice message.

SPS sent a second email on Tuesday. Both emails told parents there was a likely norovirus outbreak and the school was taking direction from the health district to disinfect the building over the weekend.

The district said the outbreak only affected three or four students in each class. School officials said it was not a wide enough impact on the school to prompt a notification to parents right away.

SRHD officials said Wilson Elementary did take all the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of its students.

SPS said crews planned to return Tuesday night to disinfect the building again, after already cleaning it over the weekend. Students who were out sick last week are slowly starting to return to school, SPS officials said.