SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Tuesday's historic windstorm made many people find shelter to make sure they were safe. Some people used it as a chance loot and steal.

Steve Boyd owns Trade-A-Game in

Spokane Valley. During the storm, he left the store to go check in on his family but when we got back, thieves had smashed the windows of his store and were stealing his merchandise.

"[I] discovered my two windows had been broken out, and someone had been in the store," Boyd said. "And I may have actually surprised them, because when I walked in I heard the back door slam."

Nearly $10,000 of laptops, computers and video games was stolen from the store during the storm Avista Utilites called the worst natural disaster in Spokane they have dealt with in 126 years.

"They knew they had the opportunity to do and could do it and could more than likely get away with it because of the power outage," Boyd said.

Boyd thought there was no use in calling 911 or an emergency line because he knew they would be busy. He decided to do his own security at his store.

"I camped out in my van from Tuesday night to Friday morning to make sure it didn't happen again," said.

During his three days running his own security out of his van parked right outside his store, numerous people offered to camp out with him and help him out.

The concerned citizens did more than just try and camp out with him. Some volunteered to help him clean up his store so they could start open for business as soon as possible.

"Kind of brought tears to my eyes," Boyd said. "Thanks to them, we're back open and up and going. And everybody's just supporting us like we're Spokaneites."

The shop regained its power on Friday.