SPOKANE, Wash. -- Retired Spokane County K9 Laslo became a father back in September.
Those puppies have grown up a little and the family tradition of law enforcement may continue.

K9 Laslo is a local legend and one of the best K9 crime fighters Spokane has ever seen. With his handler corporal Jeff Thurman, they caught at least 500 bad guys before his retirement. Although he has hung up his badge, his little ones have been keeping him busy.

The 7-week-old puppies have been put through several tests, like seeing if they will tug and fight back to test their dominance. They have also been tested on their drive and their ability to work to see if they have a future in law enforcement. Out of the nine puppies Laslo had, only one has been chosen to follow in his father's foot steps.

K9 Laslo's puppies

Dog breeder, Shannon Bietz, has carefully watched them, looking for the next K9 superstar. One was chosen as the highest driven male of the litter. He is small but mighty and does not back down from a fight, just like his pop.

Although only one will train with law enforcement, the others will have an active life ahead.

"Most German shepherds really need a job of some sort, they need their minds stimulated in some way," said Bietz.

There are only two puppies left and they can be adopted for $2,000. Some have been bought for protection dogs and others will be champion show dogs.

K9 Laslo's puppies

Some of the dogs have been named. So far, there is a Laslo Jr. and a Lazlin, a clever name after her mom Jazlin and dad Laslo. She is staying in the law enforcement family and going home with a deputy from the Spokane County Sheriff's office, who had Laslo carry his rings down the isle on his wedding day.