SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service is investigating after cat remains were found in the area near Francis and Ash and other parts of Spokane.

People who live in the areas are on high alert.

“I know we have a lot of pets around here so it's kind of scary to think that someone is going around doing something like that," Michael Dunnell said.

Cat owners are keeping a close eye on their cats as SCRAPS continues to look for the person they believe is responsible for a string of cat mutilations. Officials said as of last week, there were remains of four different cats found. They said just the front end of the cats or the hind end of the cats were recovered. Over the weekend, authorities heard of two other cats being found in a similar state, but those bodies were disposed of before they could be examined by a veterinarian. Some of the remains were found in the area of Ash and Francis. Other remains were found near Northwest Boulevard and Euclid.

"We have no suspect, no witness nobody seeing anything," said SCRAPS Director Nancy Hill.

Investigators said they have been getting tips, but as of Monday all they have to go off of is the bodies of the cats and they are not revealing much.

“They are possibly all connected we're relying on the report of a local veterinarian. All the bodies that were available he has examined and his initial report was that it is human caused. The concern is the bodies that we don't have to examine then we don't know if it could be an animal because we do have predators in our area that will attack cats," Hill explained.

SCRAPS investigators are not ruling out anything just yet, but they do believe the mutilation was human caused. They are hoping for more viable leads. It is a serious matter for investigators because first degree animal cruelty is a class C felony in Washington.