SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane County’s newest K9 has an arrest under his belt.

K9 Bane took down a suspect hiding in a backyard on his first night working in Spokane Valley. K9 Bane is a 17-month-old German Shepard from Hungary. K9 Bane and his handler Clay Hilton have only been working together since April.

“When I first got him he was such a spaz, that I was like, ‘There's no way that this dog is gonna be trainable,'” Hilton said.

Turns out that is typical behavior of all new K9s. Bane is already proving he has got what it takes to catch criminals on the streets. Early Tuesday morning, Spokane Police responded to a burglary call in Spokane Valley. A homeowner woke up to find several items missing, including a rifle and saw the suspect run out of his backyard. That is when Deputy Hilton and K9 Bane were called in to help. It was their first night working together in the Valley.

“He did good. He was excited. It was his first track being on the street, so you know, kind of had to slow him down a bit because he just wanted to run,” he said.

K9 Bane lead the deputies to a backyard but went straight for the barbecue in the yard. Hilton said he thought his new partner was only interested in food.

“He had alerted on it and I thought he was just interested in food, ya know, cause people drop food around their barbecue grill. So I tried to call him back and he had made contact with the suspect underneath the tarp and that's when we realized he's hiding there,” Hilton explained.

Sure enough, K9 Bane captured the suspect on his very first track. When deputies lifted the tarp, they found the man laying on top of the stolen rifle. They credit K9 Bane with keeping everyone safe in a situation that could have turned deadly.

“You know we're exposed in that backyard, this guy has a hunting rifle that will penetrate any of our vests, so him locating the guy based on basically scents that protected all of us because he could have ambushed any of us from his point of view,” he said.

The pair hopes this arrest is the first of many and hope to one day match the record of Spokane County's most famous duo Deputy Thurman and K9 Laslo who recently retired after taking down more than 470 suspects in 4 years.