SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane Fire Department is using a new software system to track their speed and decision making in emergency situations.

In 2016, Spokane rescue crews responded to a record number of emergencies along local streets, making accuracy and precision more important than ever before. Last year, SFD received 106 emergency calls every day.

“After 10 minutes, they’re still stable, we have a better chance of arrival at the hospital with a pulse,” said Mike Lopez with SFD.

SFD is using a new medical device called “Code Stat” which tracks rescue responses.

The software system in the device tracks how quickly rescuers make critical decisions, like giving CPR, in real time and catalogues the data.

As soon as an emergency is over, first responders can track their progress or lack thereof.

SFD administrators said Code Stat will allow them to scope out potential problems as soon as they happen. Additionally, first responders will be able to fix those possible mistakes sooner rather than later.

Fifteen heart monitors at Spokane Fire are now equipped with Code Stat. The money used for the program was already in the department’s budget for 2017.