SPOKANE, Wash. - The first new Spokane skywalk in about ten years is taking shape over Spokane Falls Boulevard connecting the new Davenport Grand Hotel to the convention center.

Skywalks in Spokane date back to the 1960s. Many showed up all at once during Expo '74. The last one to go up was close to ten years ago over Post Street.

They were built by city planners hoping to connect the major buildings downtown without having people go outside in bad weather.

"It's all about economic development and growing and filling our downtown," said Marla Nunberg of the Downtown Spokane Partnership.

The newest addition to the set of Spokane skywalks won't see as many local people using it.

Designers of the new hotel downtown and convention center said the skywalk is a major selling point to bring conventions to our area.

The designers said the new skywalk shows that Spokane is an easy city to navigate and worth visiting no matter what time of year or what weather we have outside.