SPOKANE, Wash. – New artist renderings of the Riverfront Park pavilion were unveiled Monday, leaving some City officials unhappy.

The new designs showcased an updated open air design. In a statement to KREM 2, City Council President Ben Stuckart said “we explicitly said the pavilion would be covered. We have a Park Board, accountable to no one, ignoring the plan that voters approved.”

KREM 2 reached out to officials with Riverfront Park who said an uncovered design was chosen for multiple reasons, including structural concerns. They also said the plan is not set in stone and they are still taking input from the public.

Proposed terraces at Riverfront Park overlooking the river. (Photo: City of Spokane)

KREM 2’s Rob Harris was at Riverfront Park to see what the public thinks. Some people said they would rather see the pavilion covered simply because the aesthetic looks nicer. Others said it would be more realistic for the City to keep it uncovered because they thought the City has other things to worry about in the community.

The preliminary designs that were unveiled last night will be featured at an open house Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at the lower level of city hall if you want to see the designs up close in person and let City officials know what you think.