SPOKANE, Wash.—A new clinic in Kendall Yards said they are hoping to help people with their New Year’s resolutions.

U-District Physical Therapy Center opened its doors at a new Kendall Yards location Tuesday.

Doctor of physical therapy, Erin Lahanta said one of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to improving their physical lives is how to access the clinic.

Lahanta said people do need a referral from a doctor or a provider to get to physical therapy.

Lahanta said a lot of times people will not do that because they are not sure what the clinic offers.
“We do everything. We prevent injuries, we get you better faster, we improve recovery time,” said Lahanta.
U-District Physical Therapy has four locations, downtown Spokane, Kendall Yards, Spokane Club and in Liberty Lake.

The new Kendall Yards location is located at 546 North Jefferson Lane, Suite 301 in the Summit Medical Building.