SPOKANE, Wash. – It was a busy summer of weather across the nation.

Spokane had a record breaking 80-dy streak of no rain, there were devastating wildfires in the west and hurricanes to the south.

New NASA technology is helping to give us a visual perspective on everything that happened this year. The super-computer simulation enhances our view of what's happening on the ground and in our atmosphere.

The simulation shows smoke in the air as white, dust is brown and sea salt is blue.

It also shows Hurricane Harvey passed over the Atlantic Ocean and it ultimately making landfall in Texas. Then in the following months of hurricane season, you can see what will now be considered historical paths of Irma, Jose, Maria and Ophelia, crossing up to northwestern Europe.

Back in August during wildfire season, you can see the smoke gathering. It then billows and spreads in the atmosphere over the western United States. Even though a lot of the smoke originated from fires in the Inland Northwest, over the course of days and weeks, the smoke spreads out as far as thousands of miles across North America.