SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Martin Luther King Jr. Family Resource Center celebrated a grand opening at the East Central Community Center. The Community School performed African drumming and Grant Elementary danced traditional Nigerian dances.

"An absolutely perfect way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day," said mayor David Condon before he cut the ribbon. This new facility is open much later than their old location.

"Here we can have tutoring, art activities, they can go to the gym, and do music practice," said Candy Blackman an employee for the MLK Center.

The Family Resource Center serves the whole community of all ages. "Seniors have a place where they can come and socialize and eat healthy food," said Blackman.

Today community members toured the new community center and ate lunch at the food bank.

"I read to the kids every Friday and I am really looking forward to seeing this new place for them," said Katie Karl.

Their foundation was build on Martin Luther Kind Jr.'s famous words. "The dream needs to be alive now more than ever," said Valerie Marshall Taylor

Marshall Taylor had a dream to grow the MLK Center for Spokane. As a founding member back in 1989, she watched her dream come true and generations impacted by the center.

"We saw kids come from north, south, east, and west just to be a part of the experience. It is something very unique that Spokane should be proud of," said Marshall Taylor.

"Everything here is about kindness and equality. We just want kids to know that when you come here you are loved no matter what," shared Blackman.