SPOKANE, Wash. --- New court documents released Thursday are giving more insight in the allegation made against the former Ferris High School head football coach.

The Spokane Public School District did not renew Jim Sharkey’s coaching contract after allegations surfaced that he exposed himself to his players at a football camp and that he allowed hazing on his team.

Through a public records request, KREM 2 received more than 200 pages related to the investigation from the Spokane Public School District. The documents include emails from parents and students, an anonymous letter from the parent of a football player and formal letters to Sharkey himself.

Most of the allegations in the documents released Thursday come from interviews with players on the Ferris football team when they were questioned about hazing and allegations of Jim Sharkey exposing himself during the summer of 2016. Sharkey strongly denied those allegations. As of Thursday afternoon, he is still on paid administrative leave from his teaching position while the district keeps looking into all of this. He has been on leave since February.

The documents claim Sharkey exposed himself to several players during a high school football camp at a ranch owned by Bobby Brett in Cataldo, Idaho in August. Documents said he did it as a joke and then lied about it when confronted by administrators.

In the documents released Thursday, there were several students who said they heard about it, a few who said they saw it and others who did not know anything about it. On March 3, the exposure allegations were forwarded to the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office. KREM 2 reached out to them Thursday to see if they are still investigating but we have not received a response.

The new documents give insight into just how many players said they saw the exposure as well as the number of students who said the coach was drinking alcohol during the retreat. Documents said about three students reported seeing the alleged exposure. One student said he saw him drinking a beer on the porch at the camp and another said they could smell alcohol. When the assistant coach who was at the camp was interviewed he said "nothing even close to that happened." Sharkey also denied the drinking claims.

When players were on a trip to Denver, notes from the interviews said players were angry with Sharkey and discussed speaking out about what happened at camp to get him fired.

The most disturbing details in the documents though have to do with group hazing. Football players said it would happen after practice and in the wrestling room. Players talked about dog piles where they would gang up and assault one student. Documents also said some of the players were recording video of players swimming nude and dancing naked around the campfire.