SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -- An 80-year-old Spokane resident in Peaceful Valley is grateful for the volunteers who helped keep the Spokane River from creeping any closer to her back door.

Volunteers from the neighborhood and Recovery Cafe are working to build a sandbag wall to prevent the river from coming up any further.

"When she called she said it was all the way in her backyard and I knew we didn't have very much time to get into action," said former neighbor Heidi Boehl.

Boehl spent Monday morning rounding up a force of volunteers that could stack up against the force of the rising Spokane River. Local businesses delivered bags and sand and the volunteers slid those bags into action. The volunteers quickly built a six layer wall.

"I'm surprised at how fast the water came up. Because when I got here it was just reaching this inner area, it wasn't to the sidewalk at all and it’s probably risen about three inches since this morning," said Boehl.

Mary Faulhaber's, 80, family has owned a home on the river for three generations. Her home is located next to a home that was featured in the movie "Benny and Joon back in 1993. While this isn't the first time the river has crept this close to her backdoor, the sight of it all can still be unsettling.

"Every time it floods it's a little upsetting and the older she gets, a little more upsetting that it gets. But luckily her daughter is here and she's got family here," said Boehl.

Boehl and Faulhaber plan keep a watchful eye on the sweeping and uncontrollable force in her backyard.

"It would not surprise me if we have to rent pumps this week to keep the water on this side," she explained.

Boehl said the work done Monday would not have been possible without the help from volunteers.