SPOKANE, Wash. --- People in a North Spokane neighborhood say dozens of teenagers have taken over a vacant home on their block to have large parties.

Neighbors in the Calkins and North Pittsburg street area told KREM 2 things have gotten so bad, they no longer feel safe.

“it just seems to keep escalating and we just don't want to see it get any worse, we're trying to put a stop to it now,” said one of the neighbors.

The residents asked not to be identified or show their faces because of how unsafe they feel with the whole situation.

Several people said dozens of teenagers come and go from the home at all hours of the day and night. They said they host loud parties, drink alcohol and cause extensive damage.

“Throwing trash in the roads and in the streets, yelling, screaming profanities at all hours of the night,” said another neighbor.

KREM 2 found an empty vodka bottle in front of the home, and another person said they cleaned up the broken glass on the sidewalk before we got there. The front door to the home was wide open, the fence knocked down and visible garbage and damage inside the home.

Neighbors said the teens have kicked out walls in the home and “laughed about it.”

“I think the children should be punished for vandalizing the property and should pay the price,” one resident said. “It’s not their property and they’re showing no respect and the house needs to be boarded up so that it is safe.”

Area residents said they call police and Crime Check repeatedly and are told they can’t do anything without permission from the property owner.

Property records show the home is owned by US Bank, but neighbors said when they called, the bank was not really willing to help.

“They’re not willing to do anything about the property right now and said to call police, so we’re kind of at a standstill,” one resident told KREM 2.

We reached out to US Bank as well.

"U.S. Bank serves in an administrative role as trustee on this property” wrote US Bank officials in a release. “Ocwen is the servicer and responsible for property management of this particular property."

When KREM 2 reached out to Ocwen, we did not hear back.

Anecdotally, this is a pretty regular problem in the Spokane area, so KREM 2 checked with police to see if the problems neighbors are having with vacant homes all around Spokane have improved at all.

“What I can tell you is, it’s an ongoing problem,” Shane Phillips from Spokane Police Department said. “It’s one that we’re dealing with on an ongoing basis as police officers, as are the neighbors.”

For now, the residents in the area said they will just continue to call police until more action can be taken to stop the problem.

“We go to work, pay our bills and we try to have a nice community and to raise our children and be a family and this just isn’t acceptable,” said one resident.