SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police shot a man armed with a knife on Sunday night in a northeast Spokane neighborhood.

SPD said the incident first began near North Perry Street and East Bridgeport Avenue. Initially, an officer attempted to pull over a reckless driver. After a short car chase, police ultimately stopped the driver near North Perry Street and East Fairview Avenue.

Neighbors told KREM 2 the driver knocked over a rock, which stopped his car. The driver then got out and took off on foot. It is still unclear whether the suspect ran up a nearby alley or the sidewalk, but he was later confronted by officers up the street.

“All I saw was the two empty vehicles and neither person,” said neighbor Jay McPhee.

The suspect ran up the street to North Perry and East Dalton Avenue, where police responded.

Neighbors said the suspect chased a man and his kids with a knife. They said at one point, the suspect ripped off a hospital gown he was wearing and left it on a set of steps.

More officers arrived and the suspect took off running.

The neighbor that spoke to KREM 2 said he was worried the suspect would come back his way.

“I’m watching six officers pursue him and it’s like he’s headed back down here towards his car,” said McPhee.

One officer attempted to tase the suspect, but it was ineffective. Three officers then fired their guns and hit the suspect.

McPhee said he was so scared by the shots he dropped to the ground. He ended up breaking a finger and bruising his rib cage.

At last check, the suspect was in stable condition in the hospital.