SPOKANE, Wash. – A North Spokane woman said she feels violated after she caught a man watching her shower.

It happened Monday night at a home in the Garland neighborhood. Alexandra Collins said her boyfriend chased the man away and ended up running into another potential victim.

Collins said she had just gotten home from the gym and could not wait to jump in the shower around 10:30 p.m. A few minutes into her shower, she said something was not right.

"I heard some footsteps outside but I thought it was one of roommates going out to their cars," she said.

It was not one of her roommates she heard outside the open bathroom window.

“When I turned the water off is when I heard something else and a movement kind of prompted me to look," she explained.

When Collins turned around she said two blue eyes were staring into hers. She said a man's face was pressed against the screen, watching her.

"He just doesn't seem to care I made eye contact with him the first time and then I faced him again and that's when he got down," Collins said.

She was in shock. She called for her boyfriend and he chased him off.

“That is definitely an invasion of your privacy and someone just saw you completely naked and you have no idea who it was and then they took off," she said.

Collins thinks he moved a table to the window then stood or squatted on it. She said there were footsteps in the snow where he ran and her boyfriend followed.

"It's a concern you don't know if they are going to come back and you don't know their mental capacity," she said.

Collins said as her boyfriend looked for the peeper, he ended up running into another man who was also looking for a man who spied on his girlfriend in the shower. Collins filed a police report, but Spokane Police have not gotten any other reporters of voyeurism in the neighborhood recently. This type of crime could mean a trespassing charge. It is a misdemeanor.

“It's just a lot of effort to spy on someone and it's definitely an invasion of your privacy," she said.

Collins said she is trying to build up her sense of security again and she hopes her story will remind people to be vigilant.