SPOKANE, Wash. – The trial for a man accused of killing a man involved in a dispute on a Lower South Hill street in July 2015 began on Tuesday.

On July 21, 2015, Edward Bushnell, then 27-years-old, was walking northbound along 5th Avenue and Altamont street when he came across 45-year-old William Poindexter and his girlfriend. Police said Bushnell saw Poindexter attacking his girlfriend and Bushnell decided to intervene.

Authorities said Bushnell and Poindexter got into a physical fight when Bushnell tried to stop the assault. Police said Bushnell was armed with a knife and Poindexter was armed with a small bat.

At some point the fight stopped. Poindexter and his girlfriend were walking away when authorities said Bushnell retrieved a handgun, returned and shot Poindexter two times in the back. Poindexter would later die.

Prosecutors charged Bushnell with murder arguing that Bushnell did not act in self-defense when he shot Poindexter.

In court on Tuesday, opening statements were heard for the trial. Prosecutors said Bushnell approached the couple and asked Poindexter to pick on someone his own size and someone who is not a woman. At that point, the fight began with prosecutors saying Poindexter got the better of Bushnell during the fight. Prosecutors asked the jury to find Bushnell guilty of murder.

Bushnell’s defense attorney Rob Cossey decided against giving an opening statement.

Later, Poindexter’s girlfriend took to the stand. She said the argument between her and Poindexter that day did turn physical, and that Bushnell approached them with a knife in his hand. She also said that though Poindexter usually carries a bat inside his jeans for protection, she did not see him use it that day.

Poindexter’s girlfriend testified that during their argument he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head against a fence. She also said he pushed her into the street.

Poindexter’s girlfriend testified that she did not actually see Bushnell and her boyfriend fight. She did testify that she saw Bushnell’s mouth was bleeding and heard the bat drop. She said she assumed Poindexter used the bat.

She testified that once the fight was over, her and Poindexter walked away but then turned around and walked back past Bushnell towards the bus stop.

Poindexter’s girlfriend testified that she heard what sounded like three firecrackers and then Poindexter fell on his face. She testified that a lot of people came out after and she asked everyone to do CPR.

In cross examination, Poindexter’s girlfriend told prosecutors that she was not relieved when Bushnell came up to help.

“I didn’t need any help,” she testified.

She did testify that after the shooting, Bushnell helped her carry Poindexter to get medical attention and never left the scene.

KREM 2’s Lindsay Nadrich live-tweeted the courtroom proceedings. You can see the full recount below, or by clicking here.