SPOKANE, Wash. – Murder-for-hire cases always seem to make headlines because they are just so unbelievable. Locally, there has only been a handful of cases in the last decade – making them very rare.

The most recent murder-for-hire case was involving Doug Carlile who was killed in 2013 in a plot masterminded by James Henrikson. Henrikson was convicted and sentenced to life in Prison for his crimes in May 2016.

Other than that notorious crime, you would have to strain your mind a bit to remember any high-profile hit-job cases.

In fact, since 2001, there have only been seven uncovered murder for hire schemes here in the Inland Northwest.

Another notable case from our area involved Edgar Steele. He was the lawyer who once represented the Aryan Nations, but it was his own time on trial that got him all the attention.

In 2011, he hired a man to plant a pipe bomb on his wife’s car so he could run off with a Ukrainian lover he had met online. The plot was uncovered before any harm was done. Steele was eventually sentenced to 50 years in prison.

When it comes to exposing these types of schemes, authorities said tipsters are often critical. Authorities said without know if a crime like this is being talked about or planned, they cannot investigate it.

According to the FBI, most murder-for-hire cases happen among family members. The most common reason why, they said, is people hoping to get insurance payouts.