SPOKANE, Wash. -- A SWAT situation on the lower South Hill ended safely Tuesday afternoon, but there were some frightening moments for a mom and her 4-month-old child.

Police were involved in a SWAT standoff near 7th and Washington around 1:30 p.m. Officers were dealing with a wanted suspect. A new mom who said it was a scary to look out her window and see so many officers. She and her 4-month-old had to be escorted out of her home.

“I was definitely having a panic attack. I was kind of anxious, I was crying and the officer was like, 'Just stay calm, but it's just best to get the baby out of here. I was here, car seat, and there was an officer with a riot shield and then another officer with a weapon drawn and they walked me to the passenger side where my car seat base was I buckled her in,” said Rachelle Kelly.

Kelly said she was getting ready to make a bottle for her daughter before nap time, when she opened her door and saw officers in bullet proof vests with their guns drawn. Kelly said officers told her she and the baby needed to leave for their safety. So, she grabbed her diaper bag and her daughter and followed officers out the door to her car. Kelly said she has seen some suspicious activity on her street, but she never expected anything like this to happen.

Police blocked off the street in several directions for about an hour. Kelly said a lot of things were going through her mind as they were escorted to her car but said she is thankful officers kept her and her daughter safe.

Police said the man was safely taken into custody. They have not yet released his name or why he was wanted in the first place.