SPOKANE Valley, Wash. -- A Spokane Valley mom is on a mission to make sure her son is remembered for his love of giving back to the community.

Monte Thomson died in a car crash in Post Falls back in May 2016. The Central Valley student was 17-years-old.

A stretch of land behind the Catholic Charities and Volunteers of America building will soon be turned into a playground, Monte's Playground. His mother said although she will never get her son back this is where his legacy will be lived out.

“I couldn't pick a better place to have a playground to remember the peace of my son and who he is and what he is all about,” Karrie Thomson said.

Thomson was given the chance to remember her teenage son's spirit through laughter that will fill the playground. She feels this Catholic Charities location is the perfect place to honor her son.

“A lot of people are just getting back on their feet from being homeless, maybe their kids were put in foster care, they are just being reunited with their kids. It's something that would totally fit with who Monte was as a person. Monte loved to give back to the community,” she explained.

He frequently gave his time helping the homeless with Blessings Under the Bridge. They donated the first piece playground equipment. There are also plans to add a sand box and a merry-go-round this park will continue to grow every year.

“What can you buy your son when he is gone. We can buy him a new toy and keep building the playground to make it bigger and bigger every year,” Thomson said. “We want to do a basketball court with a net on it so you won't lose your ball.”

Her community has stepped in to get this project off its feet.

“I know he is beyond honored that so many people in the community has supported him and just admired the amazing child that he was,” she said. “I just know he's shinning down on us and would be so proud. I am sure while we are breaking ground he will send some crazy signs.”

The ground breaking for the playground is set for March on Monte's Birthday.

Although Blessings Under the Bridge already donated a large Costco playground set, Thomson said they still need many more items to make this playground a reality. A fundraiser for the playground will be held on February 22 at Bolo's Sports Bar & Grill from 5:00 - 9:00 pm. For more information click here.